As a Chief Executive Officer and an entrepreneur, Anthony Dohrmann has achieved a lot in the business environment. Having his pilot’s license has been an impact on his business life, allowing him to travel across the country for meetings and events. Anthony is most comfortable flying amongst the clouds, as it allows him unique space to ponder about his life on earth. It’s one of his true passions and a consistent joy. Fly along with him one time, and you’ll experience that up close. 

“Flying requires faith, focus, consistency, and, just like life, courage. It’s all about the altitude, attitude, and the route you choose to take.” Anthony Dohrmann. 

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The Planes!


As an airplane pilot, Anthony Dohrmann has flown a large variety of planes including:

Bonanza V Tail

Baron C55 Twin Engine

Duke B60 (both owned one and leased one) high performance pressurized twin engine

Mooney 201 M20J (both owned one and leased one)

Cheyenne II (owned) High performance turbine twin

King Air A200 (both leased and owned) 10 passenger high performance turbine twin

King Air B200 (leased) 10 passenger high performance turbine twin

Piper Seminole PA-44

Cessna 172

Cessna 172R


Diamond Star DA-40

Piper Cherokee PA-28

Cirrus SR22

Anthony  is experienced with traditional steam gauges, next generation  multi-function avionics and glass cockpits such as the Garmin G1000

He's  also had "a few lessons in Hughes 300 and R22 helicopters". Which he  found not practical for long distance flying, cargo and passengers. 

Life in the Air, Getting to the Ground

Most difficult landing: Engine out over Ft Lauderdale in a single engine Mooney 201 landing on-airport after declaring an emergency.

Second most difficult landing was racing ahead of a sudden sand storm rolling in from north Tucson which hit the aircraft only 10 feet off the runway surface.
The abrupt wind sheer caused me to go-around in diminishing visibility to re-approach for landing on an alternative runway.

Third most difficult landing was in a Beechcraft Duke B60 on a cross country back to New Mexico in severe weather. Storms rose up so quickly from so many different directions that two alternative fuel stops were both below minimums for landing and we were compressed in dangerous conditions in the middle.

Icing in a severe thunderstorm, low on fuel, we had to stretch the distance with a headwind from Alabama to Las Cruces New Mexico. We virtually exhausted our reserves and landed with less than 15 minutes of fuel in the tanks. 

" Flying is like life. Both require proper perspective and planning. Flying requires faith, focus, consistency, skill, awareness of ones surroundings, a positive attitude and courage during setbacks. It’s also good to remember in life and flight that although sometimes the day appears gloomy, from the higher perspective, the sun is always shining and there’s always a clear path to the destination. It’s all about altitude, attitude and the route you choose to take." Anthony Dohrmann 

Blogging from the Skies

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